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Scholarship Guidelines

Glade Family Scholarship (4)

The Glade Family has attended Grand Island Public Schools for 6 generations. Arriving in Grand Island in 1883, the Glade family is recognized as one of Grand Island’s prominent early settlers. The family owned and operated the Glade Mill a pre-cursor to the present day company Con-Agra. The family was also involved in many other enterprises including Glade Service, Grand Island Finance Company and Axis Capital. The Glade family is proud of their Grand Island heritage and wish to invest in students who understand the value of hard work and service to their community.

Amount and Terms

  • 1,000 x 1 year

Number of Scholarships

  • 4


  • Must be a graduate of Grand Island Senior High
  • Student must be employed or have some employment experience
  • Must demonstrate ability to work hard for desired goals
  • Student must have some community volunteer experience
  • Must demonstrate good character and citizenship
  • Must major in Business, Finance, Engineering, Architecture, Fine or Performing Arts, Technology, or a skilled trade such as Automotive, Manufacturing, Construction, or Welding.
  • Must attend an accredited trade school, university, or college


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