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Scholarship Guidelines

GIPS PathBack Program - Teaching Opportunity (2)

Scholarship Essay Required

Come back to teach for us!  The Grand Island Public Schools is offering two GISH seniors the opportunity to come back and teach in the Grand Island Public Schools after completion of your education degree in college. You will be offered a teaching position before leaving GIPS.

This is a job opportunity for you after your college graduation.

Opportunities available to all PathBack Program participants while in college:

  • Invitation to GIPS Summer Professional Learning
  • GIPS teacher mentor during college
  • Shadowing and practicum experiences
  • Opportunities to experience Academies of Grand Island Senior High
  • Opportunities for student teaching
  • Access to a helpline for college projects
  • Resource materials

Benefi­ts for all new Grand Island Public Schools teachers:

  • Instructional/content coaches in every building
  • New teacher mentoring program for two years
  • “Back to School Days” intensive orientation
  • $3,000 tenure bonus to begin fourth year
  • Eligibility to participate in certain loan forgiveness programs


  • Must be a graduate of Grand Island Senior High
  • Must major in Education or Special Education

Essay Question

  • Why do you want to become a teacher for the Grand Island Public Schools? (Max 500 words)


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