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Legacy Grant

Tony Corradi Memorial Fund

Tony Corradi Memorial Fund

The family and friends of Tony (Anthony) Corradi have established this fund in his memory to continue his tradition of helping provide athletic opportunities for students at Walnut Middle School. Tony attributed much of his success in life to the impact athletics and coaches had on him during his secondary years of school. He supported athletes in need by providing funds to help them get equipment and attend camps when he would hear that they might miss out on these experiences. 

Eligibility and Purpose:

The purpose of the Tony Corradi Memorial Fund within the Grand Island Public Schools Foundation will be to make grants to assist individual Walnut Middle School Students who need extra support to participate in sports or other extra-curricular activities. The fund can be used for individual items such as shoes and other athletic equipment, and sports development camps. The fund is not intended to be a duplication of social service programs.


  1. Requests shall be made using the online Tony Corradi Memorial Fund Request Form.
  2. Students must be attending Walnut Middle School.
  3. Students must be referred by the Walnut Counseling Office and the form must be approved by the building Principal.
  4. The request shall be for individual items such as shoes and other athletic equipment, and/or sports development camps.
  5. If other scholarships or opportunities exist outside the GIPS Foundation, the student must have made an effort to acquire assistance through those sources prior to applying to the Tony Corradi Memorial Fund.
  6. Student should qualify for free or reduced lunch.  Note:  This guideline can be waived if the principal/counselor is certain of the student’s inability to pay due to other circumstances.
  7. Requests shall not be made in arrears of the event (to pay back someone or a fund).

Grant Awards:

  1. A Review Committee appointed by the Grand Island Public Schools Foundation Board of Directors will meet as necessary to review requests.
  2. The committee's decision will be final.
  3. Grants will be made payable to institutions, organizations, etc. on behalf of the student.
  4. Grants will not be paid directly to the student.
  5. Once the award is made, the counselor who referred the student must process the request through the Foundation Office for payment, unless otherwise directed by Foundation Staff.
Selection Committee:

A committee approved by the Foundation Board will select the recipients from the requests submitted.

  1. Donations to the Tony Corradi Memorial Fund will be tax-deductible.
  2. Donations to the Tony Corradi Memorial Fund may be made at any time by any donor.
  3. Per IRS guidelines, donations to the fund shall be general in nature with no specific designated recipient.
Application Procedure:

Complete the grant application and submit to the Grand Island Public Schools Foundation. Grants will be awarded throughout the year as funds are available.

Tony Corradi Memorial Fund Application


Student information

Referred by information

Grant Request information

Does the student qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch?


To complete the application for this grant request, your application will be emailed to your principal/supervisor for additional comments. The application and principal/supervisor comments will be forwarded to the grant review committee for approval. Please enter the name and email address for your principal/supervisor below.

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