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Give GRIT - a message from our Board President

As a longtime GIPS educator, it’s easy for me to reflect on the good times, the challenging times, and the absolutely sad times in my career. As varied as these hundreds of memories are, they all have one thing in common and that one thing is some degree of GRIT - GRand Island Tenacity! Webster tells us that to be tenacious you must have resolve, courage, persistence, and determination. That’s exactly what I’ve witnessed from the GIPS Foundation, Tenacity. How quickly I learned that the Foundation will do everything they can to stand firm, to resist danger or hardship, to help solve problems and make dreams become a reality, all for the sake of our students and educators. 

With your help, that’s exactly what the GIPS Foundation will Continue to do. They provide scholarships for hundreds of students, provide funding through mini-grants for teachers to aim high, provide the fees for workshops and clinics for students who could only dream of these opportunities. And, perhaps, the thing that pulls on my heart strings the most, is knowing that the Foundation can be counted on to provide shoes, coats, winter clothes, or athletic wear; to pay electric bills and cover the rent to prevent students from becoming homeless or living in cold, dark apartments; to help pay counseling bills for staff and students who have struggled with challenges; or to simply be the difference maker that takes care of basic needs so students can focus on learning when they’re in school. Our students and educators have GRIT, and our Foundation continues to provide them opportunities.

The list of the Foundation’s work is Endless
The difference they make is Empowering
The role YOU play in supporting all of this is Essential!

It’s the Determination, Drive, Tenacity and GRIT of the GIPS Foundation that makes it so very easy for me to not only personally donate, but to also encourage my friends, family and community to do the same. Join me in being a difference maker for our students and educators, who have so much GRand Island Tenacity!


Dr. Vikki Deuel, GIPS Foundation Board President


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