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2020 Academic Honors

2020 Academic Honors Night

Grand Island Senior High in partnership with the Grand Island Public Schools Foundation and Home Federal Bank honored the top-ranked graduating seniors from Grand Island Senior High during an academic recognition reception on Thursday, April 30 in a Facebook Live Presentation from the Grand Island Public Schools Foundation Facebook Account. The presentation started at 7:00 p.m. 

All students at Grand Island Senior High who graduate Summa Cum Laude or Magna Cum Laude, and have submitted a GIPS Foundation scholarship application, were awarded at least one scholarship through the Grand Island Public Schools Foundation’s Academic Aristocrat Scholarship Program. Honor students received a total of $45,150 at this presentation.

The Academic Aristocrat Scholarship program was initiated by former Superintendent Marv Maurer in memory of his wife Dorothy. The program offers scholarships for Grand Island Senior High’s Honors Students. Sixty-one (61) scholarships were awarded in 2020 as part of this program. The scholarships range from $500-$1,600.

Over the years, many individuals have donated to the Academic Aristocrat fund to grant students their dreams of a higher education. Some have donated annually or through payroll deductions, while others have established endowed scholarships in their family's names or in honor or memory of someone special.

The Grand Island Public Schools Foundation has served as a tax-exempt vehicle for various individuals and businesses to award scholarships on an annual basis.

The GISH seniors honored at the event:

Samuel Aguilera Robledo

Diana Alvarado

Jenna Banzhaf

Justyce Bonczynski

Margaret Bourland

Erin Brockmeier

Ashtyn Cheetsos

Georgia Clerc

Kelly Contreras

Maria Cotom Pacheco

Genevieve Czaplewski

Ana De Orta

Rodrigo Fajardo

Kevin Fierro-Chavez

Alexander Francisco Gonzalez

Caleb Francl

Danielle Goscha

Joshua Grosvenor

Brandy Guerrero

Tori Hale

Samantha Hansen

Shelby Hees

Jenny Hernandez

Ronal Hernandez

Emma Hilderbrand

Mackenzie Hill

Luke Hoos

Jake Inthavongsa

Grace Johnson

Wyatt Kohles

Jacob Kosmicki

Madison Lane

Blake Leiting

Uri Lopez

Rachel Mankin

McKenna Marsh

Annaline McCoy

Ace McKinnis

Alyssa Meyer

Alexander Miller

Elizabeth Miller

Vanessa Mosqueda Ramirez

Karleigh Mulinix

Eric Nguyen

Natalia Ortega

Jacqueline Osborne

Alec Paul

Karina Pedroza Sotelo

Katlyn Pool

Anna Pracheil

Raul Ramirez-Galindo

Anna Rose

Byron Rustrian Rivas

Edwin Salas

Hady Santos Cotom

Kyle Sextro

Jehron Soto

Keagan Sutton

Elise Vahle

Alex VanNatta

Candelaria Vargas Paiz

Sierra Voglewede

Stacy Wells

Cassandra Wing

Jaime Zamarripa

Hannah Zaugg


For more information, call or e-mail Traci Skalberg, executive director, Grand Island Public Schools Foundation; 308-379-5571;

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