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Memorial Stadium Campaign

Opportunities of this scope and magnitude 
don’t come along often as history has shown,
and when they do,
you run with them!

World War I


Earl A. Ayres ARMY
Frank Bendowsky ARMY
Charles Allan Benson ARMY
Fred L. Betts ARMY
Edward Fred Bischeld ARMY
Harold A. Bishop ARMY
Percy J. Brewer ARMY
Andrew John Brown ARMY
Fayette Gould Cady ARMY
Edwin L. Cates ARMY
Grosvenor Phillips Cather ARMY
Leo T. Connor ARMY
Benjamin E. Deuel ARMY
Andrew Gipson ARMY
Alfred L. Grim ARMY
John Merideth Groff NAVY
Richard Lloyd Harris ARMY
Kenneth E. Hatch ARMY
Arthur F. Howell ARMY
Floyd (Gub) G. Huyck ARMY
Edgar James ARMY
Lester Harrison Kindig MARINES
Elmer Floyd Klein ARMY
Fred Kruse ARMY
Armand Julius Paul Leschinsky ARMY
Niels Nielsen ARMY
George Searl Palmer ARMY
William McKinley Quisenberry ARMY
William A. Seier ARMY
William James Sheehan ARMY
Elmer Ray Sherer ARMY
Marvin Shoopman NAVY
Howard Smeaton ARMY
Soren Christian Sorensen ARMY
John (Jack) B. Sutherland ARMY
William Crow Tannehill, Jr. ARMY
Robert Bruce Taylor ARMY
Henry Ridlon Yund ARMY

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