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Give GIPS Campaign Results

Give GIPS Results

1,163 staff and board members or 72% gave a total of $98,410

GIPS Foundation Press Release
GIPS Foundation pivots staff campaign to virtual environment, raises more funds in challenging times, Director Traci Skalberg does a cartwheel

The 13-minute video news release (above) features GIPS Staff Campaign Co-Chairs sharing the results of the campaign that was moved to a virtual platform this year as schools began teaching online.

This year’s campaign has been themed “I Give Hope. I Give GIPS. We are Better, Stronger, TOGETHER.” The campaign included a $5,000 challenge gift from Orv Qualsett in memory of his wife Mary.

The Qualsett gift was used to encourage staff to give new or increased gifts to the campaign.

The campaign included several competitions to make it fun. The winners of these contests will also be announced.

The campaign ran from April 21 – May 15. Foundation Director Traci Skalberg said, “This year was an exercise in resiliency. The environment was so challenging, and yet, our educators showed up with their big hearts for students. They weren’t about to quit on students. It is really remarkable what happened here.” Skalberg called the campaign “a source of pride for Grand Island. This should not go unnoticed. It is just one of the many reasons that Grand Island is a great place for our kids.”

Last year (2019) staff and board members of Grand Island Public Schools and GIPS Foundation raised more than $94,000 for the benefit of school district students.

Proceeds from the campaign are used to expand Foundation programs such as the Academic Aristocrat Scholarship program and the Teacher of the Year program. The funds are also used to support Foundation operations and endowment and the Classroom Mini-Grant program. This year, some of the funds raised were added to the GIPS Foundation’s COVID-19 Emergency Fund.

Qualsett Challenge Gift

YOU make the difference!

The campaign included a $5,000 challenge gift from Orv Qualsett in memory of his wife Mary to celebrate their connection to the tradition of excellence at Grand Island Public Schools. 

The Qualsett Challenge Gift was used to encourage staff to give new or increased gifts to the campaign.

478 staff donors qualified for this matching opportunity.  This was 42% of the gifts received. 

T-shirt Challenge

All who pledged $60 or more received a free T-shirt. These shirts can be worn with jeans on the Team Jeans Day. This year 701 staff members earned a t-shirt!

Campaign Contest Winners

Highest Percentage of Gifts

qualifying as "new or increased" and meeting the Qualsett Challenge Award – includes a traveling trophy and a building prize (something fun or tangible to be worked out with their team leaders)... Walnut Middle School Team 6 led by Tyler Madison. Walnut Middle School Team 6 reached 100% participation! Raised $3,037 from 17 participants. 71% of the team's gifts qualified for the challenge.

Second Highest Percentage of Gifts

qualifying for the T-shirt Challenge - per contest rules this award is something tangible for the team that wins. Congratulations Walnut Middle School Team 2 led by Erin Brooks. Walnut Middle School Team 2 gave at a rate of 186% with 100% of their gifts at the $60 or more level. They gave a total of $1,582 from 14 staff donors and 12 extra donors (outside investors)!

Honorable Mention

Westridge Sixth Grade and Skills Academy Team led by Barry Carlson gave $1,842 with 86% of their gifts at the $60 or more t-shirt level.

Honorable Mention

Barr Sixth Grade Team led by Lacy Biberos gave $2,686 with 82% of their gifts at the $60 or more t-shirt level.

Student Success Grant

The Social Media contest led to inconclusive results due to the pandemic. So, in lieu of a winner, the GIPS Foundation will make the $500 Student Success Grant to our GIPS COVID-19 Emergency Fund.

100% Giving in spite of everything!

The following teams achieved 100% or more giving:

  • GISH Custodial and Food Services Team led by Eddy Felske
  • Secondary Special Education Off Campus Team led by Michella Honas
  • Success Academy Team led by Dawn Deuel Rutt
  • Walnut Team 5 led by Julie Bruning
  • Walnut Team 2 led by Erin Brooks
  • Walnut Team 6 led by Tyler Madison
  • Howard Elementary Team led by Deb Glover and Bianca Ayala
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