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Dear Community Partner,

Show Choir makes an impact.

I have learned many valuable skills in show choir. Besides just singing and dancing, I learned how to work hard and discipline myself for the goals of our team. I have learned how to be a leader and be more open with others. – Ava Stein, Class of 2024, member of Ultimate Image

Show choir has helped me in more than one way. Staying in shape throughout the school year, giving me something to look forward to, but most importantly, show choir is something that has helped me gain respect for all and different types of people. Like how there are different types of genres of music, there's different types of genres of people. It's taught me acceptance, understanding, misunderstanding is okay, making mistakes and failures are alright. We're all humans and our similar passions brought us together on that stage, so respect everyone and yourself because we're all here for a reason.  – Isabella Mora

I didn’t expect it to show me that every single person makes an impact in something. If someone wouldn’t practice, then the whole show would take a hit. You need everyone to be cohesive - everyone matters. – Kayedence Hespe, Class of 2025, member of Sweet Revelation

What I have learned from show choir is that to be good at something not only takes time and effort, it also takes wanting to be good. – Ethan Andrade, Class of 2023, member of Ultimate Image

At moments when I feel alone or emotionally distressed, I can always rely on the work and family that show choir brings to build me and my character up. It brings large amounts of accomplishment and the feeling of belonging to my life. Show Choir creates a deep hole of self-reflection. When you’re singing the music given to you sometimes you don’t always relate to it. That’s what makes it art. You must search deep within yourself and your own experiences to relate and transcribe a story to those who watch and listen to you. When you do this, it creates a surreal feeling of self-awareness and it brings the music you sing to life. – Christian Tennant, Class of 2024, member of Ultimate Image

It has helped me come out of my shell as a performer. It has taught to become more organized . . . (which) spilled into other things as well, like homework. It made me a better person by helping me become a better team member - How easy it is to be friends with people you think you would never be friends with. – Zoie Haar, Class of 2024

Show choir has helped me learn more about myself more than anything else has. It takes individuals who are willing to step up to create the unity of a successful team. Show choir has taught me how to handle my emotions and help others overcome their own. I've come to understand others and how they have lives too. I've become more selfless. – Braylon Bilslend, member of Ultimate Image

I have witnessed transformation in countless students’ lives. Students discover they are capable of doing more than they thought. The majority gain confidence and make lasting connections. They learn grit, commitment, discipline, cooperation, integrity, respect, responsibility, and are part of something greater than what they can accomplish on their own. It is a vital part of education, in that students learn about themselves and how they fit into the world. – Jesse LaBrie, director

You can make an impact too.

Invest in our young people by financially supporting the Grand Island Senior High Show Choirs.

We thank you for your support.


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