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Hall of Honor

Benjamin Avila

Class of 1972
Hall of Honor 1993

Benji, as his friends call him, has always been an active, loving son who pursued his goals with passion and vigor. The bigger the challenge, the better. In all his years, Benji has had a close relationship with his parents.

As a young man growing up, he participated in many of the traditional children’s activities such as the Kiwanis Kid’s Day Parade. As a young man, he was a compassionate citizen and a hard worker.

Benji once rented a Santa suit to provide Christmas gifts to children he knew would have little or nothing from Santa Claus.

In his high school years, he took his education and work seriously. One of his passions was music. He was actively involved in marching band in Senior High and at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He helped establish a scholarship program for Hispanic students.

Since graduating from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Benji has worked as an assistant to the Dean of Education at the University of Nebraska-Kearney, and as an educational consultant for the Houston Public Schools. He is a noted leader in bilingual education.

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